Sunday, February 13, 2011

Barangan Malaysia. :)

Finally I have arrived to the land of the Roo's and Koala bears.

Although, I have to be honest. I haven't see any yet. >.<

Anyways, through so many misfits and emotional, dramatic waves... i think im settled down. I think.
I have noooo idea on how well i am coping with my new life... but hopefully it will all be well.

My personal thoughts,
- Newcastle is not really that bad... but when you are in a new places things are kinda off overwhelming sometimes.
- Seniors are great. They really give you some sense of a great support and what not... but I just hope I am able to mingle around as much as I like too. Within boundaries of course.
- Some people, are reasonably generally friendly.. but then again. Not all of them.
- I sometimes think that I am feeling what all those immigrants from other country feel when they come to Malaysia... and ah, please accept my humble apology.

I miss home a lot. There's a lot of walking here. A lot more then Banting. One word I could use to describe it is... a journey to class would be like jungle-trekking.

I owe people letters. I promise I would get them done asap.
Once I figured out how to go to town again.

Btw, I took things for granted in Malaysia (and I bet most people do), Barangan Malaysia adalah lebih jauh bermutu tinggi. :P

Thats all for now.


  1. D!!!! Best of luck kat sana. i noe u can do it!
    btw, tngkap la gambar ngan kangaroo banyak2!! or bwk balik msia satu.haha

  2. All the best D


  3. Bedah!~ & Nik!~ : Sgt supportive kamu!~ Rindu korang sgt!~ Lolz... Thanks for the support guys. Good luck kat korang jugak. Korang dah lagi lama merantau kat negara org. Jaga diri baik2 ok? :)

    Anyways... bedah, nak bawak balik? Nanti kena samanlaa... haha.. sini sgtla strict tau. Lolz.

    See ya people!~ :)