Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Complete Awe

One thing I discovered about Aussie's that impresses me a lot is that, people of my age is graduating. How daunting is that... and here I am struggling to get my first degree at 21.

Jealous? - Maybe.

But seriously, these people were like 18 when they did their first degree.... but I couldn't argue with that can I. I mean, if you throw me into uni at age 21... most probably, I'll freak out. IB was enough of a freak-out I'll say. Then again, when I randomly talk to people, they would either be a lecturer, or someone who is doing their second degree and have said "oh, I did my masters last year".

To them education is addictive. o.0?

The best part of it all, some of them are married with bountiful children running around and scuttling here and there. Hence, what reason do we have to say that, 'alright, finished my degree and let move on with it'. Of course. Money. Its either you go book smart or street smart. There is a significant number of people who survived without a degree and makes thousands as we speak.

So, does this motivate me? Depends on the circumstances. Yes probably...


P.s - I met a someone in which the said person room is like a museum. Im in complete awe. There stones and valuable rock (i get to touch an unpolished diamond!~~~) in one corner, cuz he's a geologist/mineralogist/chemical environmentalist.. bla2. Then there were amazing zen/nature wall drapes and tea collection with the tea's (I get to taste - japanese garden). There were also, all kinds of weapon in the room... and most amazing part, the is part of the Naruto series illustrator / translator / merchandise creator. He can freaking draw. The list goes on and on.. and on. And2, he's a martial artist!~~ Jujitsu, kendo, fencing.. and guess what. He is 21. 0,o!~

I feel inferior. -_-!


  1. you know what the solution to that is? finding the cure for cancer. cos then, everyone would be inferior to you! muahaha.

    jokes aside, just do your best dee. your best is enough, believe that :) xx

  2. wow.. sounds like an interesting person.. be friends with him!.. ;) Di, mana pics...? Miss ya!

  3. yea dee. needs picxass..

    awh sarah,, i have always loved her jokes.

    dee..jom amek second degree! :D