Friday, March 11, 2011

Lost on a Friday pondering.

To some extent, getting lost on a Friday evening... might not be the best idea you can ever come up with. Somehow, its like a synonym when you don't get the 'direction light' from Allah. You meet up with drunk people along the way. But, Allah is His Most Merciful and Most Loving of all. He'll guide you back to the right path again i.e in this situation = home. :)

It was funny when I was from the Medical Library, stumbled across a new area in campus, encounter drunk people and ended at the Sports Center. That was just plain weird... but yeah, Allah is trying to say something.

Anyways, my conscience is clear.... its just that it is important for you people to know that... approaching someone and somehow ended up intimidating their level of confidence and capabilities.. its not good at all. Its makes you want to avoid that person. A lot. Look, I may portrait some kind of a loser and such, nerd.. geek... but I didn't come all the way here to and not learn anything new.

I know my limits. I don't need people to mistrust me. For me, mingling with other people allows me to know new things that I can't always get from the same circle of people. Seriously. Not just that, sometimes (or most of the time).. i relay information. Isn't that a good thing? It does not mean that I am going bar-hopping in broad daylight alright.

I know why I am here.

To some extent, i have heard... "Staying in Newcastle is to burden other people... ITS LIKE THAT." - In my head and i did blurt it out... "Doesn't it make you not independant?" - Look, im not saying that i don't burden other people... I do, sometimes its just unavoidable... but somehow I JUST REFUSE to practice such behaviour whenever I can.

Yeah, going to residential meeting is BORING!~.. but doesn't it teach you responsibility?

I don't know.. i get offended when people on the outside say things about things that matter's the most to me.

So what if I want to be at the venue 10 minutes earlier than everybody else? Does it bother you? Im trying to practice punctuality... so deal with it.

Call me 'skema'... 'freak' or whatever. Trust me, it does not cost me a penny.

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  1. im sure those ppl u're referring to are juz overreacting. u sound like a nice lady i'd hang out with. :P so, okay, who doesnt burden anyone?

    i constantly burden ppl around me with my compulsion to cruise in my ride. i force them to join me and now, they're starting to enjoy it more than i do.