Sunday, April 17, 2011

Body Talks

How many of you out there talks to your body part.

Seriously... I mean, not in a psychotic way but just everyday small talks with your body part.

I do.. and in fact, I really think its important.. because Allah loans them to you.

For example, if i just walked a long distance and come back home.. i'll say sorry to my legs. Since I've never experience autumn and winter (I had no idea it would be this dry.. -_-!) I'll say sorry to my skin for not putting moisturiser on them.

Sometimes I'll say sorry to my hands cuz I use them to write so much until it hurts.

Most importantly, I think.. talk to your 'heart' - the inner you. Sometimes, it doesn't hurt to encourage it to be more stronger and patient.

Appreciate your body parts!~

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