Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pokok.. ^.^


Weird. That would be definitely... the first time I ever greet from a blog pov. I think i'll make it a habit from now on. LOL.

Everyday I would be sitting facing the window-sill of my bedroom. I guess its a no brainer that I don't really go out much. I have a habit staring outside my window and look at the trees... but today, I realised something.

I wonder if some part of our life can be similar metaphorically to the trees around us. They are abundant right?

The trees outside my window are tall. Most of them have scars from the broken branches as they grow up. Unlike in Malaysia, the trees here shed their skin. Rarely.. but they sometimes would produce flowers and most of the time there will be birds on them. If they're lucky, there would be a nest. When the wind blows.. they would shake a lot... they'll lose their leaves but their roots still stay in the ground. I don't know what they'll look like in the winter.. it hasn't come yet. but i guess they'll shed their leaves.

Trees grow tall to compete with each other to get the sun.. its as if we should compete but with ourselves to gain whats best for us. As we grow.. we would encounter things that would scar us and hurt our feelings.. sometimes, lose something in the way. But we manage to grow more wiser and bigger. Sometimes... we will look the prettiest and sometimes people would just disregard us... but we should feel lucky and thankful if sometimes we get to be useful to anyone. There would be moments in life where we really just have to stop and think, there will be a lot challenges and sometimes takes us far away from the route of Allah. However we must hold on to our grounds like the trees and stay with Him.. And finally I guess, when when we truly repent, only then the sins will shed like the trees in winter.

Maybe there is more than what i've said.. there's too much actually. Hence, what I've said is just a glimpse of the whole picture.

No one ever bothered about the trees... but just stare at them and you'll know what I mean.. maybe u'll discover something too.


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