Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Feelings You Seem Not To Have...

When you have something great.... would you keep it to yourself or give it to other for others to feel and have?
Of course, for the greater good, pass it on they say.

I have been having doubts - plenty. Of myself, my confidence, my conscious...

What more does world want from me?? its this very doubtful, very insecure... my vocabulary is not great enough to even describe it... this feeling.

I just wish someone or something to just hold me and just comfort me and just tell me that its okay. Its okay to be like this.

I have this great thing for me, within me, given to me... something that I haven't even explored to great depth and have yet to understand fully and haven't even satisfied myself with it. Why can't anyone understand that I am not ready yet to give it to others.

Selfish? Yeah.. pretty much.

Its going to take a while... but I hope I get there because.. right now this feeling that other people seems to have and enjoy, I don't seem to have it. i can't feel anything.

Am i that heartless?

That's that for now. I hope it changes soon.