Monday, November 14, 2011

The Pattern

Assalamualaikum.. :D

Did anyone ever realise that most of my post on this blog is about me moping around and not being happy, maybe seemingly frustrated all the time...??

I did - Just now.

Haha... funny. Its when im upset and not in a good mood, worried and feeling crappy that I would write anything at all.

I guess its a habit to just not keep things on the inside you know.

But then again, unlike most people... i don't actually keep a record of my life. I don't take pictures, don't write about the good stuff that happened to me. Im not good at it!~ I think I just savour the moment as it is and let it pass by.

Gosh, I think when im old.. I have nothing to look back on. T.T

Then again, the most important thing is to improve yourself as each day pass by.

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